Technicolor Observations

by Darklit

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Released by Them Flavors.

A huge step up from Darklit's first release in the summer of 2013, Technicolor Observations offers a wide variety of musical experimentation and textures as Ben Shmidt and Keajn WP truly discover their sound on an eleven-song journey through all the genres and styles that have shaped them as musicians.


released March 18, 2014

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"Technicolor Observations" released by Them Flavors and Darklit

Brightlights lyrics written and recorded by Tyler Jackson (Musashi Xero).

Darknet lyrics written and recorded by David Jio (Pharaoh Deepweb).

Haolt Yan is a collaboration between Darklit and Q The Music (Jonny Pearson).

Coerce is a collaboration between Darklit and SKiNNyDRiPP (Jason Code).

Darklit is two teenagers who just want to be as cool as Yung Lean.




darklit Seattle, Washington

bellingham WA & boston MA

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Track Name: Darknet Feat. Pharaoh Deepweb

ay kid i been metaphysical
crystals in the grip flip physics within my retinal
pupil pigment abyssal
dismissively sit adjacent wit
pseudomystical prisms (i see thru u)
reminiscing on limited wits of literal cynicism
when a get just tryna get lifted
Bring it down harder than har-meggido if you test
Flyfishing armageddon impending on that subliminal
Be that shark in heaven eat cherubs call it a miracle
sheeeit, versace on my halo
double agent, celestial apostles on my payroll
one hand juggle the planet's every coast
other hand in control of hell and heavenly hosts
holy ghost, this that phantom of the opera
ghost in the closed shell system that i haunt bruh
metatron death rites, king of crown chakras
if i am the universe then who the fuck gonna stop us?

he who controls the past controls the future
He who controls the present controls the past

that television observes your movement

all silk roads lead here in the era of dark matter
evoken of drugs, dusk, high fashion, and higher standards
pavlovian interior, excalibur on the mantle
resurgent gorilla warfare bumpin that chimp spanner through your neighbourhood
turn it up, call it home improvement
something inch plasma on the wall, bringing better loot in
you bringing bass then i'm assuming you'll be victor wooten
rooting for the villain that television observes your movement
same time it displays mine
plays propaganda and manufactures erased minds
top wasp in the hive you on bought time
sting you where it hurts
call it thought crime
chiaroscuro prince of the thought police
fear and loathing in neo-tokyo
i got the keys to more than mephistopheles' rotted heart in the populace of sodom
at the bottom of a list of other oddities about humans
cloak & dagger majesty
i designed your mental so how can you stay mad at me?
pay all attention to the man behind the curtain as he flattens out the average span of decent to travesty
pharaoh blood down to the takyons
submolecular royalty be the pantheon
still chancing on nebular shifts in paths he's on
while hands of other entities unknown pass his advancement on
avant garde hacker kid with an evil grin
leavin enemies brick shackled beneath the castle
kin and ben plan the schematic with magic graphed from the binary
holographic static unmasking god, no finder's fees
this be that number of the hypebeast
wording in the magic 8ball on a christ piece
cross section the computer
boot stomping on human faces forever, that's future